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business broker with his head on his desk
By John Davies On: 06/28/2013

Bad Business Advice: It’s Everywhere. What’s the Worst Advice You’ve Ever Received?

When you own your own business, people love to give you free advice. Unfortunately, not all of it is good, and as a business owner, you have to be able to sort out…

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multiple business owners shaking hands and talking
By John Davies On: 06/17/2013

When Does Moving Your Business Make Sense?

At any one point in time, any business owner contemplates if their business would be better in another location. The grass is always greener on the other side, but if you’re facing any…

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family picture with couple and their kids
By John Davies On: 06/03/2013

5 Things Successful Business People Do on the Weekend

While business owners are successful for a variety of reasons, there are bound to be some common denominators in how they lead their lives.  Contrary to popular belief, to be successful, you…

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two gentleman shaking hands
By John Davies On: 05/23/2013

What To Look For in a Business Partner

What are the most important things to look for in a business partner? If you’re planning to buy a business or franchise, you may want to begin with a business partner from…

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earth with networking lines going all around it
By John Davies On: 05/21/2013

Four Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills As A Business Owner

When you own your own business, people constantly associate you with what you do.  For better or for worse, this makes almost any interaction in public an opportunity for you to network…

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line graph showing the decline of businesses
By John Davies On: 05/16/2013

Sinking Ships: Should you buy a business with declining profits?

Should you buy a business with declining profits? Should you buy a business that appears to be on the decline? While there’s no easy answer to any business purchase, you shouldn’t necessarily…

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multiple business brokers in a meeting discussing information
By John Davies On: 04/30/2013

5 Questions to Ask the Owner Before Buying A Business

As with any investment, buying a business takes a certain amount of due diligence and research. Before you sign on the dotted line, though, it’s important to know as much as possible…

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Franchise spelled out on calculator
By John Davies On: 03/01/2013

Suggested Reading – Franchise: Buy New or Used?

An interesting article from Inc. (February 21, 2013) authored by our colleague Curtis Kroeker. Curtis succinctly covers the opportunities and challenges of acquiring a new or existing franchise. We encourage you to…

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