Buying A Business

chiropractor assessing spinal health of patient
By Brian Knoderer On: 01/01/2022

Thinking About Buying a Chiropractic Practice? Read This First!

The 17.9 billion dollar chiropractic industry offers plentiful opportunities for those that want to own their own practice. Like many other industries, buying an established office allows you to bypass some of…

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buyer and seller going over a written business offer
By Brian Knoderer On: 12/01/2021

How to Make an Offer on a Business

So, you’ve found a business you are excited about purchasing. What next? Buying a business is no small feat: research must be done, communication must be had, and preparations must be put…

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owner stands beside dairy section after buying a grocery store
By Brian Knoderer On: 11/01/2021

Your Guide to Buying a Grocery Store

Grocery stores prove to be essential, especially last year, as they went largely unaffected by the pandemic. With a 656 billion dollar market size, there are more than enough opportunities for new…

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overhead view of woman working in a florist business
By Brian Knoderer On: 10/01/2021

Expert Tips for Buying a Florist Business

Ready to get into the business of beautiful things? Flower shops offer a creative move into the entrepreneurial world. If you love all things florals, find yourself dreaming up gorgeous centerpieces, and…

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franchises lined up; your franchise is colored red to show purchase
By Brian Knoderer On: 09/01/2021

4 Benefits of Buying a Franchise Business for Sale

Inexperienced entrepreneurs looking to become business owners often find success in franchise opportunities. Statistically speaking, franchisees are more likely to be successful than start-ups and small businesses. There are more than a…

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salon owner at work after buying a nail salon
By Brian Knoderer On: 08/01/2021

Thinking About Buying a Nail Salon? Ask These 4 Questions First!

Beauty salons have seen tremendous growth in the last decade, and nail services are no exception. Holding nearly 16 percent of the market share, the sector is a key player in the…

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buy a fedex route to complete home deliveries
By Brian Knoderer On: 07/01/2021

Should I Buy a Fedex Route?

If you’ve been contemplating entering the booming courier industry, now may be the time to do so. As a result of COVID-19, consumers have become more dependent on at-home deliveries and e-commerce…

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amazon shipping boxes for delivery from online business
By Brian Knoderer On: 06/01/2021

Buying an Online Business? Consider These Critical Steps

Buying an online business is a large initial investment, but finding an existing opportunity means you won’t need to do all the heavy lifting that comes with starting new. Remember to consider these critical steps as you get started.

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