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Sunbelt how to sell a hotel
By John Davies On: 10/06/2016

How to Sell a Hotel for the Best Price

When it comes to selling any business, making the decision to sell and focus your efforts elsewhere is just the beginning of the process. There are several issues to consider when doing so,…

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value a small business with sunbelt image
By John Davies On: 07/09/2016

How to Value a Small Business

Even if you have no immediate plans to buy or sell a small business, it is important to determine the market value for future endeavors. Business valuation methods are used to estimate…

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valuing a business with sunbelt business brokers
By John Davies On: 06/10/2016

Valuing a Business

The first step to selling you business is determining what the business is worth. But how do you determine the value of a business? Sunbelt Business Brokers is here to guide you…

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sunbelt business brokers business seller financing
By John Davies On: 06/09/2016

What is Business Seller Financing?

Business seller financing occurs when the business owner acts as the buyer’s lender to cover a portion of the purchase price. In return for the loan, the buyer signs a promissory note,…

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sunbelt business valuation methods
By John Davies On: 03/25/2016

All You Need to Know About Business Valuation Methods

Business valuation methods are used to determine the economic value of a business or the fair value of a business which includes: sale value, tax expenses (estate, buy sells, Esops, etc.), and…

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By John Davies On: 10/22/2013

The Big 3: Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Getting Into

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job that not everyone is up for. Working 60+ hours a week to build your business in a tough economy takes guts. But, there are ways…

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By John Davies On: 08/08/2013

Selling a Successful Business: Why Going Out On Top Isn’t Bad Business At All

A lot of business buyers ask why anyone with a successful business would want to sell it. When buying a business, any good buyer or broker will be able to get to…

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By John Davies On: 05/16/2013

Sinking Ships: Should you buy a business with declining profits?

Should you buy a business with declining profits? Should you buy a business that appears to be on the decline? While there’s no easy answer to any business purchase, you shouldn’t necessarily…

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