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owner considering selling a self storage facility
By Brian Knoderer On: 02/02/2020

5 Expert Tips for Selling a Self Storage Facility

Since the 1960s, self storage property has been one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate industries. Altogether, the industry has grown to a $3.9 billion enterprise covering 1.7 billion square feet of rentable storage space in…

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thai restaurant worker preparing dish
By Brian Knoderer On: 02/01/2020

Don’t Buy a Thai Restaurant Without Completing These 3 Items

Thai restaurants are now pretty ubiquitous not only in larger cities but also within many of our country’s suburbs and even certain rural regions. Like other Asian restaurants, the surge in Thai…

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doctor meeting with patient
By Brian Knoderer On: 01/02/2020

5 Questions to Ask Before You Sell a Medical Practice

With more emphasis on health and wellness than ever before, the healthcare industry has been booming in recent years. In fact, from 2014 to 2019, the medical practice industry grew a whopping…

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business owner reviewing documents
By Brian Knoderer On: 01/01/2020

Starting a Business vs. Buying a Franchise: Becoming an Entrepreneur in 2020

While starting a business from scratch offers one total freedom over both day-to-day and big-picture operations, buying a franchise is widely considered a safer route, especially among first-time buyers. And, that’s for…

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business brokers discuss the current sellers market in 2020
By Brian Knoderer On: 12/02/2019

State of the Market: Selling Your Business in 2020

Every business owner will exit their business someday, but deciding when comes down to several factors. If you’re considering kicking off the new decade by selling your business, it’s critical to stay…

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owner of a turnkey service business opening door
By Brian Knoderer On: 12/01/2019

Read This Before You Buy a Turnkey Service Business

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing an existing business, but running a successful business can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re considering buying a small business, but don’t know if you have…

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businessmen in a meeting
By Brian Knoderer On: 11/02/2019

5 Must-Ask Questions to Help You Hire a Business Broker

When selling a business, many owners hire a business broker to serve as a point of reference throughout the transaction. These intermediaries act as a buffer between you and a buyer, which…

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buying a donut shop pink donut wall
By Brian Knoderer On: 11/01/2019

Must-Ask Questions When Buying a Donut Shop

Donuts are a staple in the pastry business. With excellent margins and steady industry growth, it’s a business opportunity you shouldn’t glaze over. In 2019 alone, over 200 million Americans satisfied their…

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