Economic Growth

Business men and women analyze the latest business trends of 2016.
By John Davies On: 02/17/2016

The Latest Business Trends for 2016

2016 has only just begun, and already there are solid predictions and observations about the latest business trends. Whether you’ve recently invested in your first startup business or have an interest in…

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A young businessman eager to learn about this year's top industries
By John Davies On: 09/21/2015

The Top Industries For Business in 2015

The top industries for business this year cover a wide range of sectors and skills. While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a good place to start. These are top…

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multiple business brokers working on their computers
By John Davies On: 11/29/2014

Top 5 Business Industries for Start-Up Companies

If you are thinking about starting a company, it’s important to first do your homework on which business industries are currently successful and in periods of growth. No matter if you are…

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close up of a business worker holding a digital earth display
By John Davies On: 09/28/2014

5 Hazards of Business Expansion

Growth in a small business can be a considerable milestone. You might be thinking, “Yay! We’ve hit 1,000 followers on Facebook!” or “We are making twice as much money as last month!”…

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gentleman holding a lot of coins in his hands
By John Davies On: 04/17/2014

What You Need to Know About the New Minimum Wage Proposal

The proposed new minimum wage has been a widely debated topic in the news recently. Each year, debates rage in state legislatures about new minimum wage requirements. In 2013, President Obama suggested…

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gentleman looking down at his phone, thrilled
By John Davies On: 02/18/2014

Strategy Toward Success – How to Create your Own Success as an Entrepreneur

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a go-getter with a deep passion? These two buzz words  get tossed around a lot online when you hear about being a successful entrepreneur….

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skyline view of Arkansas
By John Davies On: 11/01/2013

Arkansas – Rice, Bauxite and Wal-Mart: How Arkansas’ Economy has Continued to Diversify

Arkansas – “The Natural State”. Agriculture has been a large part of the Arkansas economy since the 19th century. Starting with cotton, farmers in the state have expanded their production to soybeans…

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front view of oil silo
By John Davies On: 10/22/2013

The Big 3: Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Getting Into

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job that not everyone is up for. Working 60+ hours a week to build your business in a tough economy takes guts. But, there are ways…

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