Selling A Business

business seller meeting with a potential buyer

How to Make Your Business More Attractive to Buyers

The market disruptions brought on by COVID-19 made the last two years difficult for many entrepreneurs, especially small business owners. With markets settling down, 2022 may be the year to sell your business and put your exit strategy into motion. There is a strong demand for existing businesses now and in the coming future, plus […]

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business seller shaking hands with potential buyer

Business Buyers Screening: How to Tell If a Buyer is Serious

Best-case scenario, an insincere or unqualified buyer is a time-waster; worst-case scenario, they violate confidentiality agreements. Sellers are at a huge disadvantage during the buyer’s screening because their candidate may ask the right questions, offer the right vision, and still wind up a lost cause. The best armor they have is to understand the red […]

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couple sell a small business quickly with Sunbelt Network

How to Sell a Small Business Quickly

While selling a business usually takes a lot of preparation and effort, sometimes plans change, and you find yourself needing to step down sooner rather than later. In those cases, you’ll need to know how to sell a small business quickly. Find tips to streamline your sale below! How to Sell Your Business Quickly at […]

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father mentoring daughter to take over the family business

How to Pass Down Your Family Business

Providing financial freedom and leaving a legacy for your family is a goal of many business owners. You have spent years building and growing your small business and want to see it in the hands of your family for generations to come. If you haven’t taken time to plan for what will happen to your […]

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dental hygienist working with patient in dental practice

4 Tips to Sell a Dental Practice

Transitioning away from your dental office is a huge decision, and with it comes lots of planning. To position your practice for a successful sale, you’ll need to put the same care and strategy into your exit as you did when you first opened your doors. Before you sell a dental practice, assess these aspects […]

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window display of a florist shop

What to Consider When Selling a Florist Business

Selling any small business is always a very personal decision. You have put your all into your store, so when it comes time to sell, you want to make sure you are looking at all aspects of the market so your sale is a success for you and the new owners. We are here to […]

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small business owner choosing the best strategy for selling his business

The Best Way to Sell a Small Business

Have you decided it’s time to let go of what you built to move on to life’s next adventure? Whether that’s a career change, going a new route as an entrepreneur, or retiring and spending more time with family, you deserve to earn a fair asking price for the time, money, and hard work you […]

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women's clothing boutique for sale

Is Now The Right Time to Sell a Clothing Store?

Very few sectors of the retail industry fluctuate as much as apparel and accessories. Trends flip on a dime, and the push towards online sales has forced retailers into new and unfamiliar territory. Plus, it’s difficult to stay competitive against cheaper and more popular brands worldwide versus other independent and franchise stores in your local […]

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