Broker Opinion of Value in Prosper

broker explaining a brokers opinion of value to seller

When determining what your business is worth, it’s essential to distinguish a formal business valuation from business pricing, known as a “broker’s opinion of value” (BOV).

A BOV is a broker’s opinion of what a business is worth, based upon their personal analysis, industry expertise, knowledge of local lending, and comparable comparisons. While it is not a formal business valuation, an experienced business broker should deliver an accurate BOV and articulate a realistic Most Probable Sales Price (MPSP) range.

The BOV provides a business seller with realistic expectations on what the business will sell for, given the intended pool of potential buyers, at that given time. The BOV is then used to set and communicate an asking price for some companies. For large businesses, an asking price is often not advertised.

As part of the BOV, the broker may explain how different deal structuring scenarios could impact the targeted sales price and the associated tax considerations. Ideally, the broker will function as part of your overall brokerage team, which will collectively consider the implications of different deal structures.

If you’re interested in learning more about valuing a business or scheduling a Broker Opinion of Value in Prosper, contact us to speak with an experienced business intermediary.