Main Street Brokerage Services

Sunbelt uses a proven methodology to manage the process of selling businesses. Sunbelt Process:Store of Dress Suit

  1. Retain Sunbelt – We will provide you with an agreement to document the terms of your arrangement including fees, exclusive representation, and confidentiality.
  2. Analyze and Prepare Operations – We will assist with a critical evaluation of your business operations, opportunities and challenges for prospective buyers.
  3. Valuation Determination – Our appraisal affiliate specializes in professional, confidential business valuation for privately-held businesses.
  4. Coordinate Drafting of Confidential Business Review Memorandum – We will help to prepare an effective Confidential Business Review (“CBR”).
  5. Develop a Marketing Plan – Our team will work with you to formulate a custom marketing plan with timelines.
  6. Identify and Contact Prospective Buyers – Depending upon the size and value of your business, our network facilitates the identification of potential buyers throughout the world.
  7. Facilitate Buyers’ Due Diligence – Prospective buyers will be given the opportunity to visit your facilities and conduct on-site due diligence.
  8. Assist with Evaluation of Offers – The goal for any transaction should be to maximize the seller’s after-tax sales proceeds.
  9. Facilitate Timely Closing & Post Closing Issues – Sunbelt will work with the seller and buyer transaction teams (management, attorneys, CPAs) to resolve any open issues and consummate the transaction in a timely fashion.

Resolving an Issues

Getting Started

Are you in the early stages of thinking about selling a business and would like to talk about the possibilities and the process? We have several no-cost ways to begin the discussion:

  • Contact Us to schedule a no-cost no-obligation confidential appointment: CONTACT US
  • Register for an upcoming no-cost workshop or webinar: WEBINAR