Heed the Warning: Five Common Mistakes People Make When Selling a Business in Florida

Starting a business in South Florida is a practice many people are familiar with. It’s a process that makes sense to most, and there are abundant resources available to help. Selling a business, meanwhile, is not something many people have…

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The Top 5 Myths of Selling a Business in Florida

myth of selling business in florida

Running a business is hard work, but selling a business can be just as hard. If you’re like the majority of business owners out there, you have some preconceived notions of what goes into selling a business. Some of these…

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Take Heed from These Eye-Opening Statistics

Business statistics in Florida

Sometimes, an entire story can be told with just a few numbers. That’s the power of statistics and data. In business, statistics and data are becoming ever more important. They can give you a sense of how your business is…

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5 Ways You Can Tell if Your Florida Business is Ready to Sell

Business is ready to sell

There are times when business owners get to the point that they are ready to hang it up, ready to call it a day, ready to try something new or sail off into the sunset with retirement. While it may…

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10 Best Times to Sell Your Business in Florida

When to sell a business

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to sell your business, and plenty of times when it would be to your advantage to do so. Selling a business isn’t something you should only do when you’re ready to…

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3 Common Structures for Business Sale Payouts in South Florida

ways to pay for business

Congratulations! You have made the decision to sell your business and have found a buyer! You have done all the appropriate prep work, getting your business affairs in order, tidying up your books and presenting it in the best possible…

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Ask These 5 Questions to Prequalify Potential Buyers in Florida

Preaqualify buyers

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of putting a deal together when you are approached by someone who’s interested in purchasing your business. Your thoughts can often run to how much you’re going to make on the…

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3 Steps for Selling Your Business Idea in South Florida

steps selling business idea in Florida

If you own and operate a business, it’s simple to think about ways in which you could eventually sell that business. You have already established a product and/or service that you’re offering. You have set up a stable base of…

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Run Your Business from the Start with the End Goal of Selling in Mind

business plan to sell

Most business owners don’t think about everything that goes into selling their business until they are ready to make the transaction. They get to that point in their lives when they say “enough is enough,” for whatever reason, and they…

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4 Things to Consider (other than price) When You’re Selling Your Business in Palm Beach

business plan for selling

When most people are in the process of selling their business, they focus on one thing – the sales price of that business. That’s natural, as the price you sell your business for is often the most important aspect of…

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