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What Is The Difference Between a Main Street (MS) and a Middle Market (MM) Business?

While these terms are widely used within the industry, they do not have a standard definition.  At Sunbelt, we generally classify businesses valued at less than $1m as Main Street, and greater than $1m as Middle Market.  However, there are other factors that distinguish MS from MM.  For example, in MS transactions, all the parties (seller, buyer, broker) are local; in MM, your right buyer may be in another state or country, and may be an individual, private equity group,…

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What Is My Business Worth?

Ultimately, any business is worth what somebody else would be willing to pay for it.  While seemingly an obvious and simplistic statement, many business owners (especially Main Street) are challenged to objectively view their business in this manner.  How that market value is established and the right asking price is determined can be subjects of complex formulas, depending upon the size and nature of the business.  The two main factors that determine worth:  cash flow and risk.  To learn more,…

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What Is A Confidential Business Review (CBR)?

A CBR, sometimes referred to as a Sales Memorandum or simply “the book” it is one of the marketing pieces that will be prepared for your business by your Sunbelt business broker.  It provides comprehensive information about your business to prospective buyers who have signed a non-disclosure agreement.  CBR quality varies widely within the business brokerage industry.

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Why Should I List My Business For Sale With A Business Broker?

The quick answer, better results. Business brokers and intermediaries specialize in preparing, pricing and marketing businesses for sale. Additionally, they are connected with a pool of potential buyers. You can focus on running and improving your business, while your business broker is finding and screening the buyers, and guiding the process to a successful closing. Given this expertise and focus, you are far more likely to sell at an optimal asking price and optimize your net proceeds, all in a…

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