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Simple Ways to Increase Small Business Profits

Are you looking to increase your profits? Of course you are!  We’re always excited to share high quality content from around the web. (see original article here). ________________________________________________________________ If you want to increase the profit in your business, you need to…

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The Embarrassing Reason Some Businesses Don’t Sell

Are there hidden factors that will keep your business from selling? It may be time to take a closer look. (see original article here) _____________________________________________________ The Embarrassing Reason My Business Was Unsellable – And the Awkward Way I Fixed it…

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The Hidden Secret Behind Successful Business Exits

Are you good at endings? That’s the question Barbara Taylor asks us to ask ourselves. We’re always excited to share high quality content from around the web. (see original article here). ____________________________________ If you talk to anyone who has known…

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Four Ways to Become a Business Owner

There are generally four ways to become a business owner, each with their own level of risk. The most obvious is to simply start your own business. As 65% of start-ups fail, this is a very risky way to become a…

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Your Gear Can Sabotage Your Small Business Sale

Looking at your business with the “fresh eyes” of a potential Buyer can be a real eye opener. Eliminating clutter can significantly increase the appeal of your business to a Buyer. (see the original article here.) 20 years owning his…

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How Do I Begin Planning My Exit?

Business owners frequently approach exit planning much like a new fitness routine. They know it is necessary, but it always seems to be something that can be put off until tomorrow. For the Baby Boomers, tomorrow is already here. Business…

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Selling in a Buyer’s Market

The demographics of the Boomer transition are not very encouraging for business sellers. We are rapidly approaching the worst imbalance between small business sellers and buyers in history, and it will continue for the next 20 years. The most generous…

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What is an Exit Plan?

Exit planning has become a new buzzword for those who consult to Baby Boomer business owners. Business brokers, wealth managers and other professionals are adding “exit planning” to their marketing messages.  It’s a logical reaction when over 5,000,000 Baby Boomers…

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Understanding Business Valuation

Do you understand the importance of an accurate business valuation? Getting it right can have a huge impact on the future of your business. Understanding Business Valuation Preparing for the successful sale of any small business begins with an honest…

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Navigating the Path from Employee to Franchise Owner

From HVAC repair people to waitresses and baristas, many employees have made their way up the ranks to purchasing their own franchise. In fact, many franchisors prefer to set up new franchise locations with those who have already worked in…

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