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As a business broker, you are a professional business services provider and trusted broker to your clients. Your seller clients will look to your expertise and guidance as they likely engage in the single largest transaction of their lives. When the deal closes, you will receive a percentage of the sales price as compensation.

You’ll also interact with buyers, ranging from individual investors to private equity groups and strategic corporate buyers. Knowing how to properly market and present to each target buyer audience will be a key to your success.

FACT: Most Main Street business buyers come from the Web, and the Sunbelt® website generates more monthly organic traffic than the other business broker franchises.

Following are some of the positive attributes of owning and running a business brokerage with Sunbelt:

  • Main Street commissions are generally negotiated as a percentage of the business’ sales price, typically subject to a minimum;  the larger the business you sell, the larger your commission.
  • Our flat rate fee model rewards your hard work and continuing success.
  • Adding brokers to your office will increase your revenue potential, without a large increase in your expenses.
  • Sunbelt’s ongoing emphasis on training makes it convenient and cost-effective to continue building your personal knowledge base, and that of your new brokers.
  • With the Sunbelt website and our affiliated partner websites, you need to incur very little additional expense for marketing your Main Street business listings.
  • Sunbelt invests a significant amount of resources in keeping its web presence strong; it’s a level of time and money virtually impossible for a solo, independent operator to replicate.
  • Sunbelt provides you with the know-how, template forms and marketing resources that will expedite the launch of your business.
  • Sunbelt’s ‘industry leader’ status gives you immediate credibility and a distinct advantage over the competition.

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