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Middle Market Sales Process in Seattle

Sunbelt of Seattle uses a proven methodology to successfully manage the business sales process. The following paragraphs provide a general outline of the process. Your team of business brokers can provide additional details and modify the process to meet your specific circumstances best.

Sunbelt Business Brokers will provide you with an agreement to clearly document the terms of your arrangement (commonly referred to as a listing agreement, a letter of arrangement, or an engagement letter). This agreement will address a number of germane issues including, but not limited to, fees, exclusive representation for a specific period of time, confidentiality, and other relevant disclosure issues.

As a first step in the sales process, we encourage all clients to critically evaluate their business operations, identify opportunities for short and long-term improvements as well as competitive challenges that will be of interest to prospective buyers.

We strongly recommend that clients obtain a valuation of the business they’re preparing for sale. Our appraisal affiliates specialize in professional, confidential valuations for privately-held companies. They are the most respected business valuation firms used by many SBA Lenders in the nation.

We will gladly recommend one or more experienced, qualified valuation firms for your consideration, should you prefer an independent valuation.

We will work with you and your management team to prepare an effective Confidential Business Review (“CBR”) to present to potential buyers. Company management is responsible for providing all information included in the CBR; and will be consulted every step of the process to ensure accuracy.

In conjunction with the preparation of the CBR and other marketing materials, our team will work with your management team to formulate a marketing plan, including defining the marketing process and establishing timelines. The marketing plan will be customized to fit your company’s particular circumstances.

Depending upon the nature, size, and value of your business, the most likely pool of buyers could be strategic corporate buyers, competitors, private equity groups, foreign companies or local, in-market investors. Our international office network facilitates the identification of potential buyers throughout the world. Sunbelt Business Brokers has a proprietary process whereby your service team can complete a succinct, confidential profile sheet based upon the Offering Memorandum. This confidential profile sheet can then be distributed to groups that we work with to identify those groups that may be looking for investment opportunities in your company’s line of business. Prospective buyers who express interest will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to receiving any information about your business.

Prospective buyers will be given the opportunity to visit your facilities and conduct on-site due diligence. This process typically entails meeting with designated members of management, reviewing selected financial information, and gathering other relevant information.

The goal for any transaction should be to maximize the Seller’s after-tax sales proceeds. Accordingly, we encourage clients to involve their attorneys and CPAs in the process as soon as possible. With early involvement, tax planning strategies and other important transaction structuring issues can be thoroughly considered and addressed before negotiations with prospective buyers.

The Seller’s and Buyer’s attorneys will be responsible for reviewing the sales agreement and related documents and advising their clients on them. Our brokers will assist with the review and document compilation process.

Sunbelt will work with the Seller’s and Buyer’s transaction teams (management, attorneys, CPAs) to resolve any open issues and consummate the transaction in a timely fashion.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion, contact us to obtain more information.

Why Sell With Sunbelt of Seattle?

If your company is valued between $1M and $50M, you’ll require a team of expert brokers who are experienced with middle market business sales. As one of the nation’s leading brokerage firms, we list more businesses for sale over $1M than any other brokerage. Our team will ensure you market confidentially, will evaluate all offers, and will close with an exit strategy in place.

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