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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Women in Business

Women-owned businesses employ almost nine million people in the United States and generate $1.7 trillion in sales; yet, only one in five businesses worth over $1 million are woman-owned. Although women are still the minority when it comes to business ownership, women in business are blazing a trail for future female business owners. Celebrating Women […]

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How to Protect Your Business in the Event of Death

The death of a friend, acquaintance or family member is never an easy situation. When there is a death in your business, the process can be even more difficult. As a business owner, it is important to take proactive steps to protect your company’s bottom line if someone dies, be it you, a partner or […]

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Breaking the Traditional Business Model

The traditional business model isn’t broken, but you might want to break it. Why? Breaking it apart allows you to put the pieces back together in a better way, adding in new components that make it stronger than ever before. It takes time, patience, and dedication to form or discover your own unique take on […]

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5 Strategies to Cope with Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is a serious issue that can easily trickle down from management. In the case of startup companies, if you are the sole founder and live with constant anxiety, your employees will feel it, too. With so many small business leaders focusing on looking good, it’s easy to be deceived into thinking a startup […]

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7 Ways to Create Hype for a Business Launch

A business launch, whether for a new product, service, or an entirely new company, can turn a big initial profit. Of course, part of this comes from reach expansion. Optimally, a business launch will help you draw in a larger audience or a large initial audience, depending on the stage of your business. So, how […]

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Building a Solid Company Mission Statement in 3 Easy Steps

A company mission statement can be as important as a solid business plan. It’s a short and sweet way to express your goals and philosophies, helping customers understand the core of what you’re about. It can also be utilized for introductions to the community, future employees, or sponsors. And it’s a great way to keep […]

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Train Your Brain for Success: 5 Entrepreneurial Tips

Train your brain for success starting right now. Shut your office door, turn down the radio, exit out of Facebook, and focus. Are you ready to change the world? Being an entrepreneur, there’s probably a part of you that strives to do just that. It might even be what motivates you day-to-day. But you can’t […]

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The Latest Business Trends for 2016

2016 has only just begun, and already there are solid predictions and observations about the latest business trends. Whether you’ve recently invested in your first startup business or have an interest in increasing the revenue of your existing business, understanding the latest business trends can help you stay competitive in your industry. The following observations […]

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How to Become an Entrepreneur in One Simple Step

How to become an entrepreneur, in theory, is relatively simple. Step 1: Engage. You might be thinking, ‘Is there a Step 2?’ Nope. That was pretty much it. The rest is up to you. And here’s why… Entrepreneurship is defined in many ways by each generation, from those just graduating high school to seniors in retirement. […]

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