Buying A Business

man looking over his business finances

4 Signs a Company is in Financial Trouble

Some buyers can swoop in and bring a business back to its glory days or even better. However, if this is something you’re interested in doing, it is very important to consider all the financial and structural aspects of a company to ensure you don’t acquire a total lost cause. Continue reading to learn about […]

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prospective business buyer reviewing failing business's documents

When Buying a Failing Business Does and Doesn’t Make Sense

Current financial records are a strong indicator of a business’s viability. It’s deterring when cash flow and profits aren’t high, or worse, failing, but contrary to how this may seem, these types of businesses could still be worth the investment. Here’s how to tell when buying a failing business could be a smart move and […]

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business owner discussing friends and family financing opportunity

Friends and Family Round: Pros and Cons You Should Know

While purchasing an existing business allows you to skip some of the legwork associated with a startup, it does not exempt you from one of the major hurdles in starting or buying a business – funding! One common yet controversial place that many entrepreneurs turn to is those closest to them. Before you ask family […]

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new owner meeting with existing employees

How to Keep or Let Go Existing Employees After Buying a Business

It’s almost expected that current employees will be wary of new management. And their fears are valid. Are their jobs safe once you take over? Even if so, are you bringing in new employees who could disrupt the flow of things? Business sales spark fear of layoffs, inconsiderate new owners, and significant procedural changes. Ultimately, […]

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inside of bar for sale

Should You Buy a Bar Right Now?

“We should buy a bar!” Many of us have said this at least once in our lives, seeing the opportunity to make some serious cash flow while working in a fun environment. While bar businesses can be quite lucrative, they’re also a lot of work, both in the planning and execution stages. Not to mention, […]

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chiropractor assessing spinal health of patient

Thinking About Buying a Chiropractic Practice? Read This First!

The 17.9 billion dollar chiropractic industry offers plentiful opportunities for those that want to own their own practice. Like many other industries, buying an established office allows you to bypass some of the challenges of a startup. Still, it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into before making such a major decision. Below, we discuss […]

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buyer and seller going over a written business offer

How to Make an Offer on a Business

So, you’ve found a business you are excited about purchasing. What next? Buying a business is no small feat: research must be done, communication must be had, and preparations must be put in place. Business buyers should bring a fair offer to the table while still being within their means. Make sure you know how […]

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owner stands beside dairy section after buying a grocery store

Your Guide to Buying a Grocery Store

Grocery stores prove to be essential, especially last year, as they went largely unaffected by the pandemic. With a 656 billion dollar market size, there are more than enough opportunities for new and aspiring business owners to enter this growing market. But before you decide on buying a grocery store, you should take the time […]

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