business owner after buying a gym for sale

What to Consider Before You Buy a Gym or Fitness Center

COVID-19 hit gyms, health clubs, and fitness clubs hard, pushing towards the demand for more virtual workout classes. As many business owners tried to stay afloat, others decided to exit out of the industry altogether. Fortunately, gym participation is expected to pick up despite the temporary pushback due to an increasing need for fitness and […]

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t-shirt on an automatic screen printing press

3 Considerations Before Buying a Screen Printing Business

Running a screen printing business can be a profitable endeavor. A lack of major players in the industry and relatively low entry costs create an attractive opportunity. As you consider buying a screen printing business, use this information to determine if it’s right for you. 3 Questions to Address Before Purchasing a Screen Printing Business […]

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business owner wearing mask in front of storefront during covid-19

What You Should Know About Buying a Business During COVID-19

Coronavirus has halted many prospective business buyers’ goals, but truthfully, it doesn’t have to. While the pandemic has introduced significant challenges in many industries, it’s presented unique opportunities in others. Of course, you’re better positioned to become an entrepreneur if you intend on buying a business during COVID-19 rather than launching a startup. With existing […]

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