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7 Advantages of Buying an Existing Business

With 28 million small businesses open today, now may be the perfect time to invest in your own. As you begin taking the first steps to business ownership, it’s wise to think about the benefits of buying an existing company….

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The Benefits of Selling with a Certified Business Broker

When you’re selling a business, you need an expert on your side to ensure a smooth transaction and minimize stress. While you’re in excellent hands with any Sunbelt business broker, selling with a certified business broker is one way to…

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Must-Ask Questions When Buying a Donut Shop

Thinking about getting into the donut business? Brian Knoderer of Sunbelt Indiana says you must ask these critical questions. Must-Ask Questions When Buying a Donut Shop Donuts are a staple in the pastry business. With excellent margins and steady industry…

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What to Do After Buying an Existing Business

There are many advantages to buying a pre-existing business. While there may be upfront costs to consider when it comes to purchasing, the risk is much lower than it would be to build a business from the ground up. Plus,…

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5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Buy an Italian Restaurant

Do you know everything you need to know before buying an Italian restaurant? John Davies shares the 5 must-asks! From red wine and homemade spaghetti to delicious tiramisu and more, there’s a lot to love about Italian restaurants; but when…

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4 Negotiation Tips for Business Buyers

Are you ready to start negotiations? Here are some great tips from Brian Knoderer, President of Sunbelt Business Brokers and co-owner of Sunbelt Indiana. Negotiating any sale is a delicate art, especially when the seller has put ample time and…

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Top 10 Businesses to Buy in 2019

Are you still looking for a great opportunity? These industries are poised for growth! A new year brings new opportunities! Whether you’re a current business owner or are looking to start your path to entrepreneurship, finding an industry that’s both…

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Four Steps to Reselling a Franchise

You’ve achieved success in the world of franchise. Is it time to sell now? Enjoy this guide to reselling your franchise from Brian Knoderer, President of Sunbelt Business Brokers and co-owner of Sunbelt Indiana. Many entrepreneurs find themselves opting to…

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You’ve Found the Right Business: Time to Make an Offer!

Greg Kells of Sunbelt Business Brokers discusses the impact, rewards and stages of business ownership. This article originally appeared as part of a series called At the Broker’s Table published in the Ottawa Business Journal. You have been looking for a business,…

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Selling Your Business in a Buyer’s Market

The demographics of the Boomer transition are not very encouraging for business sellers. We are rapidly approaching the worst imbalance between small business sellers and buyers in history, and it will continue for the next 20 years. The most generous…

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